In 2003, friends of Farrell and Connie Miller encouraged them to market their chili recipe to the public, which was the beginning of Granna’s LLC. Farrell and Connie purchased a school building which was no longer being used, made extensive modifications, brought it up to date to meet USDA standards, and with the help of Oklahoma State University, went into production. Initially, Granna’s produced four meals and was sold to grocery stores throughout western Oklahoma. Beginning in 2005, Granna’s added a second shift and started preparing meals for home delivery, which were then distributed throughout the state of Oklahoma.


After running Granna’s for several years, the Millers decided to retire and in 2012 sold their business to Sharla and James Bennight.  Granna’s is currently a woman owned, family run company and produces around fifty different frozen meals, including low sodium, heart healthy, diabetic friendly, and gluten free.  We offer these meals in 20 Packs, 7 Packs, 5 Packs, and 2 Packs.  Granna’s also offers high quality shelf stable meals, available in 7 Pack, 5 Pack, and 2 Packs.

Granna’s is a USDA inspected facility and our frozen meals are cooked and prepared on site in Bessie, Oklahoma.  We take great pride in knowing our meals are of the highest quality and taste great!  If there is anything we can do for you, please let us know.